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La Mesa

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Thomas ‘TJ’ Giddings from orange county living in San Diego is a manipulative psychopath.

I was ready to move in with him, marry him, make babies with him. I’m not kidding when I saw I thought I had the perfect relationship.
Something told me to check his phone and shit. Found out he was cheating the entire time. After breaking up, one night be broke into my apartment bedroom by taking the screen off the window. This was at 5am while I’m sleeping. I was woken up to my phone in my face accusing me of shit. After asking him to leave over and over he then pinned me down on the ground by my neck. My roommate came in and he left. Police report was made.
I then got in touch with a handful of his ex’s. Come to find out multiple ex’s have restraining orders on him, and he’s well known to physically and mentally hurt women. Stalk. Never stop contacting.
He starts as perfect price charming and slowly gets crazy.
FOUR of his ex’s told me the EXACT same story I had with him.

TJ Giddings is dangerous.

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