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Kyle Poulicek Baton Rouge, Louisiana

First Name : Kyle
Last Name : Poulicek
Gender : M
Age : 25
City : Baton Rouge
State : LA
Country : US
Alias 1 : Sadist
Alias 2 : Psychopath
Website 1 : click to view website

This horrible individual, Kyle Stephen Poulicek, suffers from a severe form of Sadistic Personality Disorder and is dangerous to be around. He is known to physically maim women, children, and animals. He works for the Louisiana Department of Justice, for Attorney General Jeff Laundry. Because of this, he was never arrested or convicted: dirty cops and dirty law enforcement agencies of Louisiana and East Baton Rouge, specifically, covered up his disgusting crimes, since he is “one of their own.” Do not socialize or especially date him under any circumstances: he looks “innocent” and hides in plain sight but is truly sick and dangerous.

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