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Kyle Driscoll New York , New York

First Name : Kyle
Last Name : Driscoll
Gender : M
Age : 30
City : New York
State : NY
Country : US
Website 1 : click to view website

This guy is out to hurt and scam women in New York. He is incredibly psychologically manipulative and selfish beyond comprehension. He is an incredibly smart and manipulative guy who will tell so many lies that you begin to question your own sanity. The dating apps are his best friend, its where he meets women and determines whether or not they are fit to be his next victim–to be used for s*x, money, professional connections. He is a clinical psychopath and narcissist. Moreover, he dates multiple women at a time, lying to them and having unprotected s*x. He will try to become incredibly emotionally close to you do that he can manipulate you, discard you and then return/attempt to reenter your life once again. The best way to get this guy out of your life is to never allow him in.

He has given multiple women in New York City a rare form of chlamydia called LGV, which is rampant in the gay community, HIV positive community and causes ulcerative colitis–aka your a*s bleeds.

Good luck out there everyone!

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