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Kurt. Bona. Reno. Nevada. USA

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I write this as a warning to all women and girls out there who may read this. Theres men out there who will make you feel so so special, it’s intoxicating. This is my story about how dangerous this can be without a reality check and the failure of the justice system.

KURT BONA (mid to late-30s) looks like a young teen, charming and “innocent”, living with his mother and sister in Menifee, CA. I mean this guy would be double carded when buying alcohol. We met via the MEETME app at the young age of 17.

He swoon me, telling me sweet nothings and I believed him. I told of my previous abuse (..and in reality that only helped him choose me as his victim, knowing how to manipulate me).

A year or so has passed, I wake up to a message from his older sister on Facebook asking if I know where he is. Two days later they find him in jail. He tells me he was talking to a minor (15) in his car and mall security called police. I thought nothing more of it.

He moves away from California to Reno Nevada to University of Nevada, Reno and starts attending school with me. I let my guard down and enjoy the close friend I once had. Little by little, Each day he would push my boundaries. First with back massages or side boob touch. I always gave him the benefit of the doubt and expected he respect me due to his knowledge of my previous abuse and the fact that I’m a human being.

He raped me 3 times in 2 months. Each time I made excuses for him. “He didnt hear me saying no”, “He promise not do it again”, “He said sorry”
It took me 10 months to stop making excuses for him and report him to the school. It was “too late” and took no action in finding him, looking into the two cases or reporting it to the city police.

Taking justice into my own hands, I decided to message the minor (now 17) about the dangers of him. Short and sweet – they were in a relationship during those years and was cheating on her with me.

Now I am here because this man is a PREDATOR, RAPIST, and a CHEATER. Do not believe this man’s lies, he chooses young victims and makes them delete messages, and use apps to hide conversations from parents and authorities. HE IS DANGEROUS. Please head my warning.

His username is usually Uh0hCherrio or a variation of the phrase.

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