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Kuno Gelpke, Tehran, Iran

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This man is a lier and a cheater. He is a 62 years bastard. Lied about his troubled life. Lied about getting a divorce. he has sexual problem, needs sex all the time even in the middle of his work he has to get it. He works for Siemen Iran as a station manager. he takes advantage of whoever he can put his hands on, even his current secretary. he built a hotel in the desert right where the siemens site is and has a private room called honemy moon suite. he is a dirty dirty man. I am sure he played with so many peoples’life. he is also into entering parts illegally into Iran! he said many time he has embargoed parts and if he gets caught, he will end of in prison for more than 10 years. people be aware of this animal. don’t listen to his lies.

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