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kristy a anderson cooper

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Hreais women is a lying conniving two_faced backstabbing money hungry controling self centered cares on about money turned her husband into a drug addict used him up and divorced him. Had him sign divorce papers while he was under heavy influence of drugs she took house and business didn’t give him a copy of papers played with his feelings keep him on a string took the construction co on Mack Smith rd and the storage building on Steele rd in east ridge he took overdose 3 weeks after he signed papers almost died Kris was dating someone before the divorce she won’t give him his fads ashes or the rest of his belongings has taken all he ever had what does she want with his dads ashes except to hurt him and she has done a good job she didn’t even give him the money he was supposed to get she even controlled. that giving him what she wanted him to have when she wanted him to have it He worked hard for 15 yrs to build the co and she took it all she is a phony and fake person will eat you up to your face and talk bad about you behind your back she used pills and cocaine. She thinks because they have money she can treat people any way she wants. She threatened to put his mother in jail over his truck that his mother didn’t have anything to do with while her son was laying in a coma from the overdose beware of this person she now has the new boyfriend hooked on pills and cocaine that’s how she controls them. She is bad news and a cheater

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