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Kristi Geary, Indiana

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I will make this as brief as possible without leaving out the important details. I was involved with a man named JR. We were together a total of about 7 years. We were not married but in a long term relationship. We met when we worked for the same company. He moved in shortly after we got together and everything was good. Then he started hanging out with our mutual friends at work (all female). I didn’t actually suspect he was cheating on me with any of them I think they were just trying to split us up because a couple of them were interested in him before we got together. Fast forward a few years to about year five in 2007. This UGLY girl about 8 to 10 years younger than me started working there and they started a “friendship”. I’m not a controlling person but I feel if you have a friendship with a person of the opposite sex I should be included in this “friendship” which I definitely was NOT. They would go to lunch together while he made no effort to include me even with us all working together! He would say he was staying at his dad’s when really I felt otherwise being that I never knew at most given times where his dad lived nor did I know where she lived. Some time goes by I catch her in my house when I was gone hiding in my sons dark room. We get in a fight and he gets physical with me. The pattern starts. I catch him in lies, his phone is always locked but sometimes I see little messages and accused or ask him. He gets violent most times about it and refuses to leave. Fast forward to my cousins wedding. I find open email with communication going back and forth between him and same said homewrecker saying I love you’s and talking about times together on his bike etc. Never mention I helped him buy this bike! Never mention I have WARNED this homewrecker to stay away three times now and that he is mine. I had heard she was pregnant but also heard she had messed around with my man’s best friend so it could be his! I find her number through this email communication and she admits that yes she is pregnant and yes it’s my man’s child! No remorse for it at all. I finally have the right ammunition to kick him out for good. He finally leaves and moves in with her and her parents. The baby is born and he is there for the kid which I never keep him from doing so. Yes my dumb ass takes him back. I loved him! So again the pattern starts but not as much. I of course suspect he is going off with her especially since I find out she has her own place now. I run into a friend at a laundry mat that tells me she is running her mouth at work telling people that she is hooking up with him at my place at lunch time. See we lived only five minutes from work and since then I had found another job and he was unemployed. She was still working at the same place. The friend tells me about where they live. I work third shift one night and early in the morning after my shift about 8 am find his car at her apartment complex. I luckily find the right apartment because the doors are thin and I can hear him and her talking. I try to call him. I hear him pick up his phone twice and hang it up. I finally knock on the door to her in just a nasty pink robe. She refuses to admit anything except she doesn’t get involved with me and his relationship?! I look down at the kid and look at her and say really? I mean isn’t it a bit late for THAT? Anyway I kick him out for good. He of course moves in with her. She gets pregnant AGAIN by him about a year later. Meanwhile he is still trying to talk about us working it out. He asks me to marry him right before she gets pregnant for the second time. I say NO. When she is pregnant for the second time she comes to my house. She explains he always told her we were not together etc. I said well that was a lie and you knew it because I told you on several occasions we were together and we lived together! She apologized BUT still no good explanation of why she continued after him when I told her to stop several times. She went after what she wanted and listened to what she wanted to hear. I do blame her but he knew better as well. In fact just last week he was trying again to get with me sexually and I found out they got married within the same week! I’m sure that if I told her what scum he was she wouldn’t believe me but she married him now it’s her problem. She went after it and got it. I’m posting pictures that she has posted publicly of herself. It’s nothing I had to dig for. She never shows her teeth because she has none! She is either really damn stupid or just wants what she wants at any cost. My 10 year old son was very attached to him since he had been around him since he was 1 and neither of them thought of anything or anyone but themselves in any of it. Good luck to both these losers! I have moved on with a wonderful man and the only reason I post this story is to warn people of these jerk offs and what they are capable of.

3 thoughts on “Kristi Geary, Indiana

  1. Thank you. I’ve left things alone figuring “if you ignore it, it will go away”. Even after deciding not to pursue legal avenues when you used your job to obtain our address and come by our home. Thank God we moved. But since you have decided to carry on with your juvenile antics, this will be just another piece to add to my documentation of your harassment over the past 7-8 years. I still can’t believe you used the same story you tried to peddle two years ago that I can point out several lies in. But that works even more so in my favor, I will be exploring my options on how to handle your harassment, since you have decided to continue on like this.

  2. I’m telling you right now Sayla, if I see you write shit about my brother and sister in law one more time, I’m gonna beat your ass and then report you for harassment!! Your lies always come back to bite you in the ass and I’m tired of finding this shit!! They are happily married, and have two wonderful little boys together and you’re just mad that he doesn’t want your monster lookin whore ass. Why is it you came up to the hospital when my nephew was born??? Why is it the whole time you were with my brother, you were rude and disrespectful to my whole family? Especially my mom and grandmother!!! Get over my brother! Its been how many years now??? You are married!! This is like the 10th site that I’ve had to defend my brother on because you are a lying bitch!!! Tell the truth for once you psycho stalking whore!!! I’m telling whoever runs this site, there is already a lawyer involved with all of this harassment from this thing that posted this so if its not taken down, I guess this will have to be added to the case too!! Good luck 🙂

  3. Yes Jennifer she is one crazy person. She needs to get a life. All she tells is lies. Someone should ask her husband how he feels that she is still hung up on a guy who left her EIGHT years ago.

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