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Krista Rosener, Dayton, Ohio

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Krista Rosener is unfit mother to her own children. This woman is obsessed with herself. She cheated on her boyfriend “Justin Huddleston” with his own brother, she has STD. She actually loves to get fucked by lot of dicks. She loves to be creampie inside both of her holes. She has taken so many penis in both of her holes. She has about 18 people living in very small house. Children Services don’t even know about it yet, but I am calling CSB to let them know she has that many people living there and helping them with there sexual needs in front of her children. She lies and only to men who can give her money. She loves to sleep around but then pretends she’s all innocent and did nothing. She’s a slut, She had sex with alot of guys. She has (HPV) and Herpes. She has cheated on most of her boyfriends by getting fucked by their best friends. She uses drugs and alcohol around her children. She’s easy and have a mentally ill baby daddy that is a registered sex offender. He had raped and had sex with 2 year old boy

Justin Huddleston

Krista Rosener
26 Ridge Ave
Dayton ohio 45405
(937)- 540-9811

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