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Kody Walton Roberts, Texas

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Has there been a date to a car dealership? Of course there has! That’s the first step. He may brag about having the money to pay for a vehicle. He may have you sign papers because his credit is shot. He has been known to leave the vehicle with the girl, as well as the payments (that he said he would make). He has also been known to run off with the vehicle, to which they have later been found repossessed. He has also been known to steal large amounts of money, as well as items (flat-screen TVs in particular). Once this is done, he takes off and chooses his next victim. He has been known to cheat multiple times. He is very manipulative and controlling.

What else has he told you? That he has cancer? That his grandparents are dead? That he works for a hot-shot company? That he owns a ranch? That he’s not the one to blame for his legal charges (theft of a firearm, hot checks)? That his son is dead? He is living a fairytale life, and dragging whoever he is in a relationship with into it with him. It has not ended well for anybody that has been involved. It’s toxic and it will not get better. Get out now if you are involved with Kody Walton Roberts…it will be the best decision you could have made.

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