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Kiwi Farms Any town , Mississippi

First Name : Kiwi
Last Name : Farms
Gender : M
Age : 51
City : Any town
State : MS
Country : US

Joshua Moon is an unemployed man, notable for the creation of a website which is used to harass and defame innocent people. Joshua Conner Moon, son of John Moon and Candice Lynn Potter, is running a notorious neo-N**i, white supremacist hate group and cyberbullying website called Kiwi Farms.

Kiwi Farms targets disabled people, particularly people with autism, gays, transgendered, Jews, Muslims, black people, Hispanics, vulnerable people, highly accomplished people, and other minorities. Kiwi Farms has ruined the lives of countless people with defamation and cyberbullying. Kiwi Farms had a forum called “Brown Town” in which they expressed their hatred for black people. Joshua Moon (also known as Joshua Conner Moon and Josh Moon) called for the genocide of Muslims and has “jokingly” solicited fingers of Jews for necklaces.

One thought on “Kiwi Farms Any town , Mississippi

  1. That is Horrible….But it has “NOTHING” at all to do with the SEX Addict- Drug Abuser and Male Prostitute Darren Ambler. This man is Dangerous- Manipulative- Hateful- Jealous and enjoys hurting others. He has infected 5 maybe more women with his dirty Infected STD’s. He plain and simple does not care and he is nothing but EVIL- Full of HATE- and most people hope this useless MISFIT Completely Rots in HELL for ETERNITY! It seems his Internal organs (liver, kidneys, stomach, small intestine ) have been rotting and decaying inside of his 145 pound body for many months. Some feel that GOD above is Punishing Darren Ambler for his sexual indiscretions and his hatred. Literally decaying from inside out. It is evident because even though Darren was always horrible to have to look at- apparently he is worse looking now. He has very Toxic gaseous poisonous fumes rapidly escaping from his pores- mouth- breath and coming out of his ears. Quite GROSS but what do you expect. In Scripture Jesus punishes the wicked-evil doers. Jesus also seriously punished those guilty of SEXUAL Sins and LUST. It says one Adulterer wasted away like Darren Ambler. That their flesh decayed and their eyes turned black with decay and rot. That a Pungent odor escaped from the sinners feet- mouth- digestive track and nose. The sinner ran thru the cold forest naked screaming in pain. This is punishment no sinner escapes. That one could smell the decayed flesh and rot from a distance of 20 miles. Maybe this is what is happening to Darren Ambler. His immoral lustful sins must be burned out of his ravaged sin filled decayed useless body. Only time will tell. Stay away from Darren Ambler. He is a walking gaseous bomb waiting to explode. The internal organs could explode any day now. The escaping gases from his mouth- nose and pores can be toxic if inhaled by others. Make sure you call 911 if you inhale any escaping gas from Darren Ambler. One female almost died from an Overdose of Toxic Gas and an Overdose of UGLY. Horrible way to go. They managed to save her with OXYGEN and IV Fluids. Just be cautious if you see a Demented man fitting Mr. Ambler’s description please “RUN” for your life. Scream as loud as possible. Hopefully POLICE will be dispatched. If they see Darren Ambler the Police may throw a net over him- subdue him and Place a gas mask over his mouth to protect others from escaping toxic explosive fumes. God Bless all!! lets hope and pray that Darren Ambler is removed from decent society and placed somewhere where he can’t abuse- force sex upon- injure or make one deathly ill with his STD’s and TOXIC Flammable Explosive internal gases: IT is no JOKE.

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