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Kim Rutledge, St. Louis, Missouri

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This little girl well actually she’s older than me but don’t act like it has been making my life a living hell since the day my husband and I got together and trust me he hasn’t cheated on me he’s a very happily married man but I’m just done with this girl stalking and harassing us and she has done everything and anything possible to try to break us up and be involved in our lives so trust me if she’s your boyfriend’s ex she’s probably gonna try to ruin your life as well. She has gone as far as to come up to my work when she found out we were getting married and sat there for over for hours just watching me. also on our wedding anniversary which I’m sure she knew, she sent us a friend request on FaceBook. now in no way is this all that she has done she’s done plenty. He doesn’t even want anything to do with her or want her back in any way I just don’t know what else to do anymore I can’t get rid of her and I’ve tried explaining all this to her and so has he and it ain’t sinking in at all. Be aware of your significant other’s exes people they can be more trouble than you think. She’s really trying to be a homewrecker for sure and if my will wasn’t as strong as it is she would of probably won by now but it ain’t happening and all she’s doing is making him resent her so who is really winning lol …Be aware of Kim Rutledge.

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