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Kevin Angileri Unknown, Arizona

First Name : Kevin
Last Name : Angileri
Gender : M
Age : 50
City : Unknown
State : AZ
Country : US

Kevin Buurma Angileri, DOB 6-16-68 is on federal parole until 10-17-19, he was federal inmate # 68022-308. This felon was arrested back in 2012 with Joseph Christopher Monahan (released from prison 7-25-14), these criminals were arrested for about 10 counts of wire fraud and extortion and Hewlett Packard was the complainant. As of August 2015 he and his partner in crime owed $1,845,028.70 in restitution to Hewlett Packard. Angileri pled down to conspiracy and did 1 lousy year in the pen. You can read more about his case here.

8-24-15 Court order: JUDGMENT AND COMMITMENT ISSUED as to Kevin Buurma Angileri (1), Count(s) 1s. That the defendant is hereby committed to the custody of the Bureau of Prisons for a term of TWELVE (12) MONTHS, with credit for time served. Upon release, placed on supervised release for a term of THREE (3) YEARS.

FURTHER ORDERED that the counts in the Indictment (Counts 1 through 10) as to this defendant only are dismissed on motion of the United States. Special Assessment: $100. RESTITUTION: $1,845,028.70. FURTHER ORDERED that the defendant self-surrender for service of sentence to the United States Marshal, 2nd Floor, 401 W. Washington Street, Phoenix, Arizona or at the institution designated by the Bureau of Prisons by 12:00 noon on October 19, 2015. Signed by Senior Judge Roslyn O Silver on 8/24/15. (cc: AUSA/Dft’s Cnsl/PROB/PTS/FIN/ROS/ICE/USMS-cert) (MAP) *Modified on 12/1/2015 to Unseal Pursuant to Order 156 (MAP)*. (Entered: 08/24/2015)

The POS operates over a dozen cheater type sites which I’ve listed below, there are more sites I’m sure but we just haven’t found them yet. This bottom feeder is scraping 100% of all cheater posts and non marked watermarked images from all cheater sites. He then posts all of the identical content on an average of 6 of his own cheater sites listed below. He then charges individual removal rates for each identical post!!! Total fraud to say the least.

I also believe that Kevin Angileri owns and operates a so called reputation company that processes his own removals from his sites and other sites, he has people believe that is a who different entity but we believe differently. The domain/site was recently started and registered with Go Daddy on 12-19-18 and expires 12-19-28. While the domain is registered with GoDaddy he hosts the actual web site overseas like he does with all of his other sites.

All of his sites domain names are registered with Go Daddy but all are hosted overseas with web hosts that ignore ALL U.S. laws including DMCA Takedown orders, dozens of copyright DMCA Takedown legal orders to his web host Contobo.DE and all got ignored.It should be noted that the Cloudflare site IP address is and Kevin Angileri’s Cloudflare IP address for his most popular site is only one digit different and it, out of millions of IP addresses in the U.S. these two IP addresses are only 1 digit apart.

This is not coincidence! This domain name is also registered by Godaddy like all of his other domain names. All names and addresses on the site are fake and there is no Colorado company listed with the Secretary of State’s Office linked to any name mentioned on the site. The (202) 601 8173 number on the site comes back to Remove reports, LLC which is also a non existent business, these names do not appear in Colorado or Washington DF Sec of State databases. Take a look here and see repze extortion rates

Here’s a list of all currently known sites that Kevin Angileri is positively operating, I’m sure there are more that I just haven’t discovered yet. forwards to


Angileri is violating terms of his supervised release (federal parole) everyday by committing fraud and wire fraud everyday while operating his sites. In my last 3 month’s of random researching I’ve estimated that he has over 10,000+ scraped/infringed postings on his sites that he’s charging big bucks to remove from. I bet you he’s pulling in $5,000 to $10,000 per week! EASY!

DO contact his supervised release (Tucson parole) officer Amanda Aguirre at 520-205-4417.

Reference Kevin B Angileri # 68022-308.

You can also email her at

DO contact the original prosecutor and reference case # 2-12-cr-00755.


Assistant U.S. Attorney

Arizona State Bar No. 12700

Financial Litigation Unit

405 W. Congress, #4900

Tucson, Arizona 85701-5041

Telephone: (520) 620-7300


DO contact the original judge who sentenced the piece of scum and reference case # 2-12-cr-00755.

U.S. Senior Judge Roslyn O. Silver was the trial judge

United States Court

Sandra Day O’Connor U.S. Courthouse

401 W Washington Street, SPC 59

Phoenix, AZ 85003-2158

Judge’s chambers: 602-322-7520

DO contact the Arizona Attorney General’s Office, you can quickly file a complaint online. The Attorney General may have a special interest in this bottom feeder and especially since he’s still on parole.


DO leave an online tip with the FBI, you can remain anonymous.

Why have I spent so much time researching this POS? Because he has me posted on 6 of his sites and wants $8,500 f*cking dollars to remove! I won’t rest until this POS is locked up!

Don’t pay this POS a penny because he getting locked up soon!

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