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KERRYN RING (Formally Townend). Gold Coast, QLD Australia

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Meet KERRYN RING (Formally Townend) from the Gold Coast, Queensland Australia. She is CHEATING on her husband Brooke Ring with all the Police Officers in all the Gold Coast. She meets them all at “Fisherman’s Wharf” at the Bar there, gives Sex for drinks, sometimes Gangbangs.
KERRYN RING has STD’s and loves giving all the men of the Police Force diseases to take back home to their wives and girlfriends. She is a disgusting filthy WHORE, the “Gutter Trash” of all Australia.
RIN AWAY FROM THIS THING CALLED KERRYN RING. She is a Cheater, a Liar, a spreader of Sexually Transmitted Diseases – ALL FOR A DRINK OF ALCOHOL. Shame, Shame, Shame Kerryn Ring!

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