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Kazen, marquell burke. Hampton. Virginia US

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This guy is a sociopath. Crazy part is he works with mentally ill people! Please leave this guy alone because to top it off he gave me HERPES. He’s on dating websites too so beware! He’s going to seem so perfect at first but he is a monster.

One thought on “Kazen, marquell burke. Hampton. Virginia US

  1. This stuff is ridiculous.. The fact that someone does not even have to know someone to post deflamatory comments and it is posted on sites that anyone can access which could affect someone’s employment status, ability to receive security clearances and also affect their social life. This site and other sites like it should either be banned or they should not allow random individuals to post comments about others regardless of all of these laughable clauses in the law that they want to quote. If the individual who created the post name is not posted then why should the post be allowed at all. I could meet someone at the supermarket, get their name and then immediately post something about them saying they are my ex simply because I wanted to. Individuals get their feelings hurt on a daily basis when they approach a man/ woman at a bar or club and this individual shoots them down but hey all you need is their name and you can say this individual has any sort of sexually transmitted infection, flesh eating disease or even the AIDS if you choose. And this site and others like it will post it and say we cannot control what is posted, we do not even have anyone who reads the stuff before its posted so oh well… That is ridiculous. It is called rejection and being rejected does not give someone the right to post crap about someone that is not true, could damage their reputation or even hurt them economically.

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