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Katie Hourigan is a prostitute who is HIV positive in Toronto

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Katie Hourigan in Toronto, Ontario, Canada (more like the Oakville / Burlington area) is beyond a home wrecker; she is the epitome of a marriage destroyer! Katie Hourigan has literally slept with hundreds of married men in exchange for money, gifts and other luxurious amenities. Katie Hourigan never discloses to these men that she is infected with various STDs and STIs mainly having tested positive for HIV and has AIDS. Katie Hourigan’s incredibly naïve boyfriend is this Russian juice monkey from Belarus named Kirill Andrushkevich who is apparently fully endorsing of Katie Hourigan working as a call girl / prostitute / stripper just for extra cash on the side while being in that joke of a relationship. Both men and especially women who are married to these naïve men need to be leery of this morally bankrupt hideous looking outta shape freak Katie Hourigan!!!

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