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Katharina Ann Sumner, Dayton, Ohio

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Well to most this will seem like an angry husband (well ex she divorced me 3 days after our anniversary and 4 days before Christmas) Well here is the story i started working 12hour days including traveling id be out the house for close to 14hours a day in this time she started playing an online game and met a young guy ,young enough to be her son and started an affair an affair that was going on for months before i got wind of it and disowned her now after talking with mutual friends i found out she been cheating with some guy or another all through our relationship and in her own words to 1 of our mutual friends who sided with me. She doesnt have men she has sex toys. so i guess i was nothing more than a piece of lego to her. The woman has nothing but ice running through her veins ,i should have mentioned prior i left Scotland and moved to Ohio,USA to be with her and gave up everything including my family,friends and my beautiful niece,It maybe sounds crazy but i still love her to this second but never will i take her back ,i just want to expose her for what she is and wish for my own sake she vanishes from my head and the tattoo artist makes a good job of my cover up job i need on my arm that she so insisted i got on my arm (pic included) .. Thats my story sad but true,thank you

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  1. posted by Alan Carson, a stalker from Salsburgh, scotland that was never with her but only wished. he’s awaiting charges for stalking, death threats, and child pornography.

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