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Karlee Buchanan Fort dodge , Iowa

First Name : Karlee
Last Name : Buchanan
Gender : F
Age : 24
City : Fort dodge
State : IA
Country : US
Phone : (712)830-0232

This girl is crazy. She looks a lot better in her pictures because she edits all of them. Girl has some big tits that look better with clothes on. They are nasty and saggy when naked. Her nose is super pointed and about pokes your eye out when doing anything and she gets upset. Don’t date this one. Looks can be deceiving. If you get past the large nose and saggy nasty boobs she also will be clingy and then sleep with 10000 other guys. She stocks you. Saves your garage and Makes a crazy shrine. Constantly a cheater. Dirty snatch from sleeping around.Nasty as fuckkkk and crazy. If you want a easy target she’s perfect but pray yo dick don’t fall off and she can remain sane for 5 min

2 thoughts on “Karlee Buchanan Fort dodge , Iowa

  1. Lmao any 1 that read this knows it’s true she will cheat on u with dudes and chicks. Easiest girl in FD. But her boobs are nice lmao nice body and a good fuck but she definitely is crazy lmao she’s a catch 22 will fuck the life out of you got mind blowing pussy but break your shit lmao

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