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Kaitlyn Idzkowski, Michigan

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Kait is the nastiest B**** out here. It doesn’t matter if you’re married in a Committed relationship, called dibs on someone at a party this girl will f*** them. At the point of my incounter she had cheated on her gf with more than 5 people. Including her teacher. At just 19 years old she’s really been around. Another horrible quality she has is master minipulation. She sits and digs into your head until you’re lost your grip on who you are. She also doesn’t feel bad. Because “my parents cheat on each other” so apparently hat makes it her life goal to f*** anyone else who isn’t her own girlfriend. This dirty b**** roams the city of lansing and portage. Is clinically infuckingsane and honestly need a chasity belt to keep her snatch off your boo. She’s disgusting and deserves to be alone for he pain she’s brought to other people. (Also if she said she got bullied in high school. She did. Because she f***** all of her friends boyfriends.)

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