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Justin Wallner, Los Angeles, CA USA

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Justin Wallner of (Game PR) is the shadiest and most shameful human beings out there. He is quite mentally unstable. He harass and maliciously attack innocent people. He is also always trying to scam money from others. Be extremely careful…you never know when he will be onto you next. And you don’t have to do anything wrong. He is sniffing for opportuities to gain something from you.

This horrendous crook is a loser in his own form. Despite being unusually tricky and sinister, scam from others is never that easy so he barely made it yet. Therefore he falls in a vicious circle of constantly harming good people, gaining nothing except making himself even more mentally pathetic and unstable, and even more loserdoom.

You can’t trust this vicious gamer ever and at any moment you could fall his target for terrific and disturbing experience while he plays niceness to you on the surface. Dig a little more into his life and what he does, it is not hard to find out how this hypocrite who pretending to be a good person relies on scamming and attacking people but yet still couldn’t make a living. People are seriously warned of his intention to cause harm and conduct money fraud.

Justin Wallner has been reported to authorities and is under the law enforcement radar. If he’d even dare to make another move, he’ll know he is not far from…

2 thoughts on “Justin Wallner, Los Angeles, CA USA

  1. Who are you?? This is FALSE! Justin Wallner is a great friend of our family for many years. He is the best friend anyone could ask for and the most professional and competent entrepreneur we know! He saved our family from financial ruin and I was just with him and former Mayor of LA Antonio Villaraigosa at Mayor Eric Garcetti’s inauguration! (See Picture Below)

    How dare you! You ought to be ASHAMED of yourself for posting this. Justin Wallner is an amazing man you have no idea what you’re talking about.

    Just look at all his pictures with celebrities and successful business people. Obviously they trust him. What’s the matter with you??

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