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Justin lee waddell. Clearwater. FL. USA

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He’s Scum, creepy, lies, cheats, stalks, steals and uses ppl. He spreads STD’s because he sleeps around using dating sites, doesn’t use protection and tries to trap women who are young and single. He pretends to have an education and a job but has neither that or a car or even a crib of his own! He tries to move in with you and just wants you to pay for everything! He also goes by other names like Mav, Styles, Maverick Styles so beware!!!

3 thoughts on “Justin lee waddell. Clearwater. FL. USA

  1. Who is this? He has lived with me since March and given me full access to his phone, so I can’t see how any of this is true.

  2. This is falsified information against Mr. Waddell. A lawyer has been contacted and you have 72 hours to remove this post or a civil lawsuit will be filed against you for Defamation of character.

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