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Junior Delicieux, Boston MA-Woonsocket RI

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I was with Junior for over 2 years. Recently he started acting strange I found out he been on dating sites he be cheating on me with alot of women. When I confronted him he broke up with me and left me and our daughter. I want to let all the girls out there to be careful with him because his a cheater.

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  1. Lol knew was sneaky .. His stories never added up… Meet him online to.. What a joke… Sorry to hear he left u just shows he aint shit

  2. I been with him since July. Are any of you ladies still with him? I confronted him about this and his that an ex who he had before me has been trying to get back with him and because he doesn’t want to, she did this profile. Please anyone tell me something because I’m not going to keep getting lied to by him.
    Thank you

    1. Can you define with? Are you in a comitted relationship? Or just talking? I mean based off all these comments i would say if u stay dealing with him just be prepared to be lied to and cheated on. Not sure how much more info you need

  3. He is a super liar.. He has s facebook page under ace spade and all basically his friends are woman. He disappers at night and that is what led me to believe he is a liar. He can stare you straight in the eye and lie. He said he had one older daughter but now it seems he has another younger daughter based on the first post. I basically wouldnt believe one lying word out his mouth. He also uses tinder to hook up. He is to old to be lying like that. Best of luck to anyone that falls for his bullshit. He will make u feel so special and u can believe him but he really is nothing but a womanizer

  4. Yes, we are in a committed relationship, I stay at his place and he stays at mine, I met his older daughter. He told me that he only had one daughter too. I asked him about the other daughter and he tells me that person is lying. I understand what you’re saying but I’ve never caught him in a lie that’s why I asked if anyone is still with him so I can leave him.

    1. I have been in a committed relationship since May and I have also met his older daughter who he lies and says is his god daughter. He says he loves me and talks about marriage and buying a house together. I am so thankful I found this now. Ladies what color of his comforter on his bed?

        1. I’m a little skeptical still.. We’ve had problems with stalkers threatening us before. And I find it odd that most of the posts on this site don’t have any comments but he happens to have 14 comments. Tell me something no one would know about him

          1. Are u serious?! Go look him up on tinder lol. He lives with his cousin they have no no table or curtins in the kitchen he has a big projector in his room he keeps all his food in his room he has a little refrigerator in his room. Anything else? His manhood is not big like really. Do u want his address too

      1. white with black walls. projector. On Sundays, for football, he doesn’t leave his room. His dtr is 17. He did have a barbershop, sold it and is selling the others. Met him online and have been on and off for 3 years.

      2. Ladies…ive had history with “quincy” since 2012. He lied to me many times. Ive been to 2 seperate barbershops 1 he worked at 1 he was partnered with. I met percheph but was told he had a son he kept secret. Last known address was in woonsocket.I hope hes changed his ways

  5. I have stayed at his place and he at mine to. Ive also meet his daughter as well.!! All i can say is be careful cause i dont think he is committed to anyone but himself.. Good luck with him is all i can say at this point.

  6. This dude is a joke, he lies about everything even his name. He told me he has barbershops and that is a lie she says he works in Rhode Island that’s another lie. Be careful with him his not who he says he is.

  7. Lies so much he forgets the original lie he tells you. Lied about his name.. What area he lived in and His so called job made it seem like he owned several barbershops.. When he doesn’t and is just a overall phony. probably would end up being a nice guy if he didnt lie so much.. And for the girl saying shes been with him since July.. I met him in August and was talking to him up until a few weeks ago boo

  8. FAKE, why are you so mad he’s the liar not us. People can say whatever they want that don’t mean is true. I want proof because he swears to me this is all lies. I know him not any of the people posting on here. We just got serious last month so if he was with other females before October 23rd I really don’t care.

    1. Does he have an older daughter named Persephone? I dated him a long ass time ago and left because he was cheating then. Wouldn’t doubt he was still doing it. He is a huge liar and will flip everything around when u catch him in his lies.

    2. OMG, im glad someone finally aired his dirty laundry. For the girl that is in a serious relationship… hes still out there lying to women saying hes single.

  9. I’m curious to know what name he gave you ladies and where did he say he lives.

    He told me his name was Sebastian and lived in Foxborough. Also that he has several barbershops but he only had one and sold years ago.

  10. I was with him till October when I saw texts from a girl on his phone. Shes pregnant with his kid right now she like 2 months. I have her number if anyone wants to get more info

    1. Hey this is juniors daughter. I don’t speak to my father anymore and I feel so bad for what he did to you ladies. If I have any brothers or sisters I’d like to meet them. They are my family and I should know all of them. Please email at

      1. Hey girl!!! I dunno if you remember me but I had the two little girls and your dad was always letting me come over and I had brought you/picked you up from work and school a couple times… been wondering how you were!!! I’m gonna email you if that’s ok!

  11. Interesting….i met him when he worked at work out world, he lived in Blackstone. We dated, he would spend couple nights a week at my house…this continued on and off till feb 2015. I met his daughter percep, but that wasnt important to him. He even had her lie. Quincy is a dog….he has fleas and will never change…so glad hws out of my lifw

  12. He’s had a girlfriend in Boston for the past four months who has also met his daughter whom was originally introduced as his goddaughter.

    He’s discussed marriage and a ring and moving in together in the very near future with her.

    He was recently severely injured in a trip in Turks and Caicos with his family. He claimed to have been with his family but now who knows.

  13. Ladies ladies ladies save yourself the hassle, he’s still been lying saying he’s single he was just at my house this month telling me he missed me and how he wanted us to be together again. For those wondering he does have a teenage daughter, but he also has a son. There’s a girl that keeps posting on his Snap chat and too me that seems like a girl he’s with. This man will never change. He has no remorse in lying and believes his own lies! He was just on vacation not too long ago.. ask him who he went with?! Wish you ladies best of luck. And no his name is not Sebastian his name is Junior Claude Delicieux. He no longer owns ANY barber shops if he tells you he does. Google Oakdales Finest, closed a cpl years ago its now a flower Shop. When confronted he lies about everything.

      1. He told me he had a son and a “crazy” Baby Mama but he’s the crazy one!!! He was telling me about the child support stuff which I feel like is nobody’s business I didn’t understand why he felt I had to know smh so sorry hope you and your son are well!

  14. Wow Quincy is the name he told me until I looked him up. He’s a liar and manipulator FRAUD slanging that lil shrimp everywhere. It’s about time somebody exposed him! He’s disgusting good luck to whoever thinks they hit the lottery with that loser.

    1. He actually told me about this page and I decided to see if it really exists……and it sure does. Smh I can believe many of these comments they sound too familiar. I’m curious to know if he’s still playing these silly games or has he finally man’d up and is really to settle down.

    2. I googled his email address because I was curious to see if anyone had exposed him…. LO and behold!!!! Lol!!!

  15. Wow STDS and too many names and lies we should get him a reality show or someone should call cheaters. Ps he tells us all about this page as proof he’s telling the truth.

  16. He is the worse .. Quincy, Junior whatever his name is .. So glad I got sick of his lies and left him alone. He has some serious issues ..def a loser and anyone that deals with him will find that out the hard way….

  17. Junior I’m sure you read all this post lol… I thought you would stop with the lies and cheating after I did this but you’re still playing your games. I’m enjoying this the same way you enjoy cheating. You will never be happy, every woman you get with will know what a piece of shit you are.

    Ladies I did this post because I got tired of him lying to us and playing with our feelings. While I was with him he cheated with three different women that I know about and had one pregnant. He’s a scumbag, please if you decide to stay with him wear a condom every single time.

  18. Wow!! I had know idea. I met him online. He acts so shady and his facebook everything was shady. SO So happy I found this!

  19. I was creeped out because he kept wearing the same outfit every time we met up. Luckily that tipped me off and he got too comfortable too quickly with saying things like babe and talking about marriage on a first date. One night he stayed over nothing happened thank god! but he would not leave in the morning! It was so odd, i kept trying to tell him i needed to get ready and he was set on leaving when i left. Too many red flags I did not fall for the bullshit, ladies beware.

  20. Hey y’all. So I was googling his email to see if something like this would show up…. LO and behold, here we are! Lol.

    He lied about his age, said he was in his thirties. I know for a fact now that he’s in his 40s. The reason being one time he had gone to the hospital and took a picture of his wrist with his name and such on it and it had his birthday on it. November 22 1970-something (can’t remember if it was 75 or 76???)

    Met back in March 2015 through tinder. First red flag he would not add me on Facebook. Which OK I understand people need their privacy but after a while I figured what is he hiding? He also claims to be in his 30s he’s actually in his 40s which is fine, but if you have to lie about your age I don’t see why that is necessary. He would also disappear for days on end and I wouldn’t hear from him, then when he would get back to me he would claim someone in his family died. I thought he was legit up first, we went on a day so the movie he was very talkative told me about how he had a daughter, so we talked about our children and again he seemed legit at first. He had most of my help to search for apartments in Rhode Island which I have the emails for that still by the way in my sent folder which I completely forgot about until recently.

    When he moved in I actually helped him find the textured wallpaper for his room and he had me helping him put up the wallpaper. I actually BOUGHT him the first projector but it broke and he had me take it so that I could get it repaired but I actually ended up selling it and getting some of my money back (I also purchased the screen for the room but couldn’t justify taking that with me so whatever lol). His cousin who lives with him (Noë) had a gf at the time (back in 2015) who by the way I’m pretty sure Junior was having sex with because those two were way too close. Just my observation!

    I want to say in the summer of 2015 he had mentioned letting me borrow his old Chrysler 300 the white one, and I said OK sure. He had pick me up at Haymarket and we took the ride to his apartment in Woonsocket and on our way over there he said how his ex kept calling him and harassing him supposedly. Apparently she had ended up in the hospital and she was calling him for a ride or moral support. Again Red flag because that is just too random and she kept calling and he kept saying how she was crazy and all that. He showed me the picture she sent of her hospital bracelet and I memorize the name which I won’t post here, because of privacy reasons for that person, so I’ll just say her first name, Shanequa. The bracelet had her last name on it, so I looked her up on Facebook and I found that she had a picture of her graduation and he was in the picture with her and she was so happy and smiling!

    I looked at the date from that picture, and was furious because that day he had claimed he was not in town because his cousin passed away. Of course I was fuming and when I confronted him about it he claims she was only a friend which I didn’t believe completely but whatever after that which I really didn’t take him seriously and I just started making note of everything that he said. I don’t know why but I continue to talk to him and I continue to see him but it was less and I hadn’t been contacting him as often as I had been and he noticed that so he had been contacting me more saying stuff like he loves me and things like that. How he wanted to move in, etc. I knew it was all bullshit, and to be honest I don’t know why I fell for it continuously, but it was like a vicious cycle it was the weirdest thing.

    We did keep having sex again which I completely regret but the final straw was when he had to come over and we had had sex and I feel completely disgusting even saying this but he had a blonde hair like on his leg it was the most disgusting thing like he must’ve just finished having sex with someone else and then he comes and like have sex with me that’s just vile. I was so grossed out and disgusted with myself like having unprotected sex like that I was putting myself at risk so I after that we were done. I also made it a point to contact Shanequa, and she said she had been talking to him for a while like I want to say since 2014 maybe even longer and you know he would go to her house eat her food all that she would go to his house and see him and this is when our times kind of intersected and never noticed because he would disappear and then claim he was depressed and isolating himself, which was complete bullshit again.

    I used to see a bag that resembled a purse and he always used to say it was his that he just used it as a “travel bag” but found out it wasn’t. It belonged to Shanequa! Anyway he did tell me that he had a son and he was having some issues with child support and all that, so he was honest to me is I guess somewhat about at least two of his possible God knows how many children out there. Actually really enjoy spending time with his daughter because she was really nice! Such a good kid! I went to one of her performances at her school which I was late too but still I went there I brought I went there with my two kids and you know my kids had fun with her so you know he didn’t try to hide his his daughter away from me or anything like that probably because i had my kids with me more often than not. Are used to I had picked her up from work a couple times and brought her to work once I think and then at that day she had her school performance I actually picked her up give her a ride to his place and then I went home the next day.

    Anyway so me and Shanequa had been talking to him at the same time so when she responded to my fb messages, we had this whole big discussion about like how he was a liar and all that how she found his child-support papers and some kid that he said was his godson was actually his son and in the one that he said was his son is actually his godson!!!!! WHAT!!!!

    so he was just constantly lying about the simplest things, and at one point Shanequa and I discussed trapping him like I was going to have her come over my place and then I was going to basically have him come over and be like SUPRISE you’re caught up what do you have to say now?! but we weren’t able to make it happen but anyway if every if anyone reads this and is talking to him currently just know what you’re getting into if you’re down for you know being in maybe a polygamist relationship or whatever, go ahead but he is a big liar and basically a dog! Just nasty.

    There’s so much more shit that happened and that he lied about but this is basically the gist of it.

    OH and he also told Shanequa his Mother had died at one point as a lie to go ghost on her for a bit. WHY WOULD YOU LIE ABOUT YOUR MOM BEING DEAD?! Your MOM dude!!!! Wtf!!!!!

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