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Juan Pablo Quintero, Austin, Texas

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Juan Pablo Quintero started giving me flowers and cards every day, he bought me expensive stuff, and was charming at first. Then he started being a stalker. He would show up to my house at random times, he would text me every 5 minutes and expected me to answer, otherwise he would get mad. He then became abusive mentally, then verbally and physically. He told me he cheated on me 3 times, and I forgave him because I was stupid back in the day, but i’m glad I realized that he is an insecure, ugly ass, abusive and cheater that he is. He has been to jail numerous occasions for physical assault and DWI’s. If you run into him one day, you can call the Austin police records place and ask about his record so that you can see its true. Very unstable guy, with drug addiction and mental problems. If you ever meet him, RUN AWAY!

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