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This man thinks he is gods gift to women and he thinks its ok to use and abuse him. I was with him for a long time and we have 2 kids together. After I moved there to be with him he decided that he was going to throw us away like yesterdays garbage. He started seeing other women. I just found out that he is currently doing the same thing to his pregnant girl friend. She found out he had been cheating because when she went in for a monthly pregnancy check she tested positive for an STD (she isnt sleeping around BTW). Anyways, women beware he is out there and if you can see he definitely is not a catch and you can do better than him. The whole world needs to know that JOSHUA (JOSH) TILLERY is a cheater. Go and spread the word and lets make the world a better place.

One thought on “Joshua James Tillery HOUSTON TEXAS/TUCSON ARIZONA

  1. This man is definitely not a catch. I was with him and found out he was married. He treated me like I was an object and he made me watch movies where animals and humans were hooking up. The sad thing is. That was one of his fantasies. After 5 months he left me and I went in for a well women exam. This is when I learned I had clymidia and herpes. Please be careful when you see him.

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