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Joshua Don Hale

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He cheated on me multiple times while I was pregnant. He was talking to girls all the time on facebook and sleeping with them. He also used money to control me. Then he would get mad when I would talk to my guy friends. He lied and made me feel like I was crazy. He would steal my depression medicine so I wouldn’t have it. He and I both got physical one night fighting. He called the police and I didn’t so I got in trouble and was eventually arrested. Now he has my son so he is using him to get me to do whatever he wants just so I can see him including sleep with him. He is really controlling a super abusive. I can’t do anything or I won’t get to see my son. He is also going around telling lies and making me look like the bad guy and getting sympathy from people. He has everything and I have nothing. He is a monster. He is a liar. He is a cheat. Be careful.

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  1. I just saw this messing around searching Josh. Don’t fall for his lies. I did. He uses his son and his abuse story to get chicks. I fell for all his lies. Spent the weekend with him. Then he pretty much disapeared after. He completely ghosted me without so much as a word. I found out he went back to his supposed abusive ex mentioned above from her. He told me all these stories about her, acted like he was over her and was into me then, and then treated me this way. So all those stories about him not going back to her totally a lie. She was nicer to me then he was. He turned out to be a total jerk. I wanted to warn women not to fall for it. He hurt me really bad and I was supposed to be his friend of two years. I was really there for him. I never thought he would treat me like that. I knew him from Snyder and he has always known I have had feelings for him. He took advantage of that.

    Yes I messaged him a lot because to this day he still ignores me and wont tell me what happened. One moment it was lets see where this goes to him sleeping with me and then vanishing.

    What he also fails to mention is his ex was barley 18 years old when he slept with her and got her pregnant. He was 34. Even now hes trying to hook up with little girls. His latest was Meghan who I know who was barely 21. This man it also a bit of a perv. I’m not sure if it is his maturity level or if that is truly his preference.

    His ex was also in a relationship with someone else when he started sleeping with her so all those stories about him not believeing in cheating is a lie to.

    He is a supposed recovering alcoholic who has gone back to drinking really bad. So don’t fall for that line either. I did. It is a lie. He still drinks.

    This I will tell ladies. He will use you then disapear. Do not waste you time and be careful not to get hurt. ALSO it is really not worth it. The guy has no meaningful job, he is a mess, he smokes like a chiminey, and he got more dic in his personality than he ever did in his pants. Take it from someone who knows.

    I just don’t want what happened to me to happen to someone else. Josh’s ex I guess shared her story so I decided to share mine. Girls run as fast as you can the other way. When it comes to girls hearts this guy is an emotional terrorist. I can’t say what happened his relationship with his ex but after he treated me the way he did. I have to really question everything he has ever told me. Don’t believe one side of the story. There is usually her side, his side, and the truth.

    He goes by Josh Hale. He lives in Stephenvile, TX.

    His username is jdh1024
    his facebook is

    Thanks so much to Josh’s ex for her story. I am kind of glad I did not end up in that situation now.

  2. This is Mark. I am Silver’s friend. Silver you are way to nice for your own good. Nice come back with the dicless slam.

    Don’t believe him.

    I can tell you guys as her friend this guy is a real tool. He really hurt her and played with her. She deserved better than that. He plays with girls hearts then goes back to the ex who he says cheated and abused him. I think he likes girls that cheat because he is really gay and doesn’t want to come out so the only way to be close to a guy or sleeping with a guy is to share a vagina with a bunch of guys. Hence why he always going back to a chick that supposedly cheated on him which lets be honest here. If you really believed what he said about his ex would he keep going back to her. I think that guy is full of total sh-t. Don’t fall for it ladies.

    Dicless is not worth the effort. Feel sorry for his son because if he comes out anything like him he will be sorry to. Dicless is a player. Don’t get played.

    We have all the texts that prove it all this being said. Don’t want to see anyone else hurt by this guy.

  3. I’m a lady that worked with Silver in Snyder. I know both of them. I think the way he treated her was a bunch of crap. This situation started off both their faults but now is more his than anything. He is just being an ass. I think this whole thing was a misunderstanding that went to far that didn’t have to if they had just talked. I think she got upset by something he said. He got mad over some things one of her friends said on facebook that wasn’t true. She was never meeting up with some other guy. Her friend was messing with him. Then he went back to the crazy ex. I think it is aweful that he wouldn’t ever talk to her. No on deserves to be treated like that. If he changed his mind he should say something instead of vanishing. I have to agree the way he treated her was bad. I think he will regret it one day because they were friends. He knew how she felt when he did what he did so he can’t even say that. He has always known how she felt.

    Now I think he just wants to play the field which at his age I think he is going to figure out is a lot harder than he thinks. Hurting the people that cared about you may not be something a person should do. No 20 year old who is normal is going to waste their years on a 35 year old. It’s like he wants a toxic relationship even though he just got out of one.

    I don’t think he is being totally honest about his ex and what happened. I do think he is using that situation to play girls and get sympathy.

    I must say I was really surprised by how he treated my friend. I really didn’t think Josh was like that. I don’t know what is wrong with him. If I was a girl I would stay away from him.

  4. Storm,

    Thank but honestly I don’t care. I just wanted to warn other girls. To tell you the truth I don’t know why I cared so much to begin with. It must have been because we were friends at first but now I don’t even care about that. After he treated me how he did I invited one of his buddies over and we drank all his beer he left lol.

    I’m way too good for someone like that. I mean I got a masters, never been to prison unlike him, I have a job, I’m becoming a teacher, I have plenty of money, and I don’t still complain about my ex all the time. That is all he ever talked about. He talked about his ex non stop and cried about it all the time. It was like let me look at my watch already. Plus that was the worst lay ever. Plus wrong with his ski? He like had an a bad RASH everywhere. Its supper dry or something. lol

    I can and have done much better. That guy is going no where and I do feel bad for his son but honestly I could care less about him. I just don’t want to see other women hurt. Unless you just want free beer and food. That may be all hes good for. Thank you guys for speaking up. But no need. I got this. I spoke my mind. I don’t know why I cared that mush but I came to my senses.

    All you women can do better;-)

    Enough said lol.

  5. Hes been in prison. Hes an alcoholic. He dates girls that are too young for him. Jailbird, drunk, and predator = LOW IQ. Dimwitted men are lifelong victims of drugs an alcohol. Grown men over 30 who chase after teenage girls aren’t that bright.They say they do it for the tight pussy. In reality, it’s the young, naive mind they want. They want someone too young and too stupid to see what hopeless losers they’ve hooked up with.

  6. This guy was in Peidmont Correctional facility for drinking and driving. It sucks to hear Josh has gone back to drinking. I know he wasn’t a very good person drinking. His son is going to pay for that.

  7. This guy tried to get our boss fired out at Snyder because he wanted her job. He lied and caused all sorts of problems for her. He is definately an asshole. Wasn’t surprised that management didn’t work out for him. You couldn’t tell him anything. He didn’t take direction well. He will never be welcome back here at Allsups after all the crap he started. Plus he sleeps with his employees. That is how he met his ex. He prays on the young.

  8. He is a piece of crap. He used to cheat on his pregnat girlfriend all the time with a lady that used to work at the workforce in Snyder. He always said it was to fax something and that’s why he was always leaving work to go there when in reality we had a fax machine at work and he just wanted to see her. Everyone knew about it including our boss Paula. Josh was never faithful.

  9. I know he hurt my friend Silver. She was crazy about him and he crushed her. He is an ass that has no respect for women so fuck that pervert.

  10. He was always the biggest jerk at work. He is always a super big creep making gestures and passes at the employees and young girls. He is a super perv. He sucks as a manager.

  11. Someone told me about this post and I had to come see it for myself. I dated Josh back in 2012. I will tell you that yes he is a cheater. He cheated on me. He is also super jealous and controlling. He was always messaging other girls. He always used the excuse that he was drinking. He was always drinking. In fact I thought I was dating alcohol instead of him. It is sad he went back to drinking. He wasn’t much of a person drinking or boyfriend. I can’t imagine that he would be much of a dad drinking either. He got really aggressive with me one night and scared me. He gets out of control. He not a nice guy. I hate to hear that he has hurt so many people but can’t say that I am surprised. I wondered if he ever got his life together. Guess he didn’t.

  12. I can say after dating him I know what I don’t want in a man and relationship. I learned many lessons. My biggest regret is I wish he had been a better man.

  13. It’s true. He acts all privileged like he’s entitled to something. He acts as if the world owes him something. He has always went around playing the victims pretending to be a good guy and getting people to feel sorry for him. He uses the title Christian to justify it all and make people believe he’s changed. In truth he’s just a hypocrit. What kind of guy gets people to feel sorry for him just to be accepted or just to get friends or girls? Who really wants to win people over by eliciting their pitty? He has never taken other people’s feelings into consideration. Others pain never meant anything to him. This guy is completely self centered. He was when I dated him. He is now. Sadly he doesn’t see it and considers himself a success. Unfortunately he’s not going anywhere and he will never be happy. His son is going to suffer. I feel sorry for people like that.

  14. My friend sent me this as it was circulating the Internet. I am the real J. I do not appreciate a certain someone who will remain nameless taking something I wrote on my Facebook wall and posting it places as if I wrote them. I didn’t even write it like that anyway. I also don’t appreciate people commenting as my friends. My friend would kill someone for calling her Storm. Donna would never comment on these sites or say such things. I am not pregnat, married, and I do not have relationship with guys in relationships. Do not include me or my name in your smear campaigns. I work for an employer in which my name must be clear of such filth and trash. If you do not comply I will seek legal action. My character in the workforce community must stay in tact due to my position. Your cyber bullying acts place that in jeopardy. Do not include myself or my friends in your drama anymore.

  15. Predator or/ Predators.


    RE: Cease and desist from [stalking/harassing/posting up comments and if they came from me on websites/ etc.]

    Dear [Perpetrator]:

    This CEASE AND DESIST ORDER is to inform you that your persistent actions including but not limited to [posting up comments as if they have come from myself or my friends and including my name such as Silver other versions of my name] have become unbearable. DO NOT INCLUDE MY NAME IN YOUR CAMPAIGHN SMEARS. You are ORDERED TO STOP such activities immediately as they are being done in violation of the law.

    I have the right to remain free from these activities as they constitute [harassment/stalking/etc.], and I will pursue any legal remedies available to me against you if these activities continue. These remedies include but are not limited to: contacting law enforcement to obtain criminal sanctions against you, and suing you civilly for damages I have incurred as a result of your actions.
    Again, you must IMMEDIATELY STOP [unwanted activities]. You risk incurring some very severe legal consequences if you fail to comply with this demand as Randy Wilson from Abilene TX is the lawyer I have hired.

    This letter acts as your final warning to discontinue this unwanted conduct before I pursue legal actions against you. At this time, I am not contacting the authorities or filing civil suit against you, as I hope we can resolve this matter without authoritative involvement. I am not under any circumstances, however, waiving any legal rights I have presently, or future legal remedies against you by sending you this letter. This order acts as ONE FINAL CHANCE for you to cease your illegal activities before I exercise my rights.

    Remains anonymous for my own protection.

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