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Joshua Andrew Lyle Surrey, BC, Canada

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This man cheated on his girlfriend with anyone that showed a slight interest in him. He had sex with the daycare provider in her garage while his son and the other kids she was supposed to be watching were in the other room. He would leave work at lunch and go have sex with other women then go home and have sex with his girlfriend like nothing happened. He would send videos of himself masturbating and saying these other women’s name and send it to them. After they broke up, he got another woman pregnant and proposed to her but during their entire relationship, he was cheating and subscribing to dating sites and meeting up with other women and sending dick pics to them. He was looking for orgies and casual sex with other women while his girlfriend was pregnant and taking care of their other children. He was arrested for assaulting the mother of his child and still used her for sex while lying about being with other women. He is a cheater and a liar and a woman beater.

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