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Jorge G Andrews Mesa, AZ USA

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Ladies you need to stay away from him. He is nothing but a narcissist. He will feed you with lies making you feel like you have a future with him but in reality its not even that. He has a messed up mind and sees no problem in his actions. will blame you for everything that goes wrong even when it is not your fault. he has two baby mamas which they wont give you any drama but he should have never had kids. he is 29 going on 40 with the way he smokes and drinks. he thinks its still cool to get drunk and party down Mill Ave. He wants the single lifr and don’t even try to change him. Thinks to that only his life matters no one else does . So ladys if you want to be used and cry every night and made to feel never good enough stay away!!! He even denies a child I have with him so that is why I am putting him on blast

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