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Jordan day kansas city mo united states

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He always goes to a friends house and parties and doesnt come home cause he gets drunk, well Sundays was our only day to hang out and I asked him to be home at 11 so we could spend the day together and he promised he would. Sunday comes and i get all happy and get pretty for him and realize its 12. I call and text and get no response. Finally at 245pm he calls and he says he just woke up. He never sleeps that late. I just had a feeling it was a girl. He finally came home at 630pm and said i was overreacting. Then he gets a message from his friends girlfriend and she said her sister wants to say she is sorry to him and i asked him what that meant and he said she puked. Total bullshit. Then he goes there 2 more weekends. He trimned his nails which i had been begging him to do for weeks, he put on cologne which he never wore for me or hardly ever,and he shaved his balls which i had requested for months. Fishy? I thought so he had all kinds of answers for that. Then when he returned home immediately hops in shower. Well we broke up and were working things out and i saw a mesasge from his friends sister and it said my sister wants to know if you’ll come over. I asked him snf and he Saud ya she wants to fuck me. I told him that he must have lead her on then where else would she get the idea she can just get him over for her. We got back together and broke up again and the very next day starting at 9am and going to 10pm he had texts from his friends number and like a 2 hour long phone call. See he was at work and if i text he barley responds and says he can’t text at work. She doesn’t have a job so no phone so she would use his phone. But he swears that it wasn’t her it was his buddy he was talking to. But he openly admits hating texts. So he is gonna spend all day at work and all night texting his buddy. And everyday there after. And exchange pic messages. Seems strange. He left me without even looking back and ignores me for days till he needs something. Then heaven forbid i ignore it 30 minutes. But its easy to move on when you got someone on the side waiting. We share phone bill so i can see what he does and i let it be but just had to know why he all the sudden went from wanting to marry me and have his baby and me being the love of his life to leaving me and not wanting to speak to me at all. Cold hearted and selfish. To this day he lies about it.

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