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Johnnie Shepard Lake Station, Indiana

First Name : Johnnie
Last Name : Shepard
Gender : M
Age : 44
City : Lake Station
State : IN
Country : US
Email :
Phone : (219)252-0983

Pathological liar, severe case.
Unnecessarily lies about everything for no reason.
Thief. Steals from anyone that is down on their luck & going through a hard time.
Very confrontational. Verbal & mental abuse are his specialties. Has physically abused a few times.
May have moved to North Carolina for work (New Bern area)
Cannot keep a job for more than a year.
Loves prescription opiates.
Has E.D. / impotence, pharmaceuticals do not work.
Poor hygiene.
For a 44yr old man, he owns nothing but an old, beat-up 90’s Harley motorcycle purchased from a family member.
Very bad credit. Uses payday loans & other high interest short term loans. Many liens, evictions & maxed out credit cards.

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