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John Otterson Columbia, Kentucky

First Name : John
Last Name : Otterson
Gender : M
Age : 43
City : Columbia
State : KY
Country : US
Phone : (859)408-5073
Alias 1 : Johnny Alan Otterson
Alias 2 : Gentleman 43
Website 1 : click to view website

This guy anything but a gentleman. He claimed to be a preacher when i 1st met him. He is not only unemployed, but he is also married…he will ask to borrow money that you will never see again, he will lie and tell you he was married for 23 years and his wife cheated on him with his business partner, that he never had and that his ex and this fake partner are following him everywhere he goes…even 2 hours away from his home he sees them in that town…and carrys a gun everywhere he goes that im sure is not licensed….im pretty sure he is a full blown psychopath!

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