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John Oliver Charlotte, North Carolina

First Name : John
Last Name : Oliver
Gender : M
Age : 48
City : Charlotte
State : NC
Country : US

John Oliver lives in the Charlotte NC area in Munroe NC, and also spends time in the Richmond VA area. He uses numerous dating websites over several states and moves at warp speed from the first date to telling you he loves you, then wants to get married or move in with you. He has at least 5 kids, 2 from affairs and has never met 2 of his children. He likes to call women “Sunshine” and “Beautiful” and lays on the compliments. He likes everything you like, will do a lot for you, but doesn’t want you around your family or friends unless he’s there. If you ever suggest that he’s not perfect, he will shift into a different person. He will send hundreds of messages a day because he has no life, no friends, no hobbies, other than women. He will tell you he’s an architect, but he’s not. He’s jealous and suspicious and trusts no one, because he is a cheater and a liar.

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