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John Johnson Wixhita, Kansas

First Name : John
Last Name : Johnson
Gender : M
Age : 67
City : Wixhita
State : KS
Country : US
Phone : (316)243-8747
Alias 1 : Mark johnson

John Mark Johnson lives in Auburn Kansas and was convicted of two counts of an online dating scam. He served about 5 years in prison for dating women and conning them out of money. He also has a news article about doing the same thing to a Ft. lauderdale Florida woman but was not charged. He has had domestic violence charges in his past. He is on work release in Wichita Kansas and is back on a sugar daddy dating Acute along with a couple of other sites. He claims to be wealthy with a yacht and lane and is starting a multi billion dollar international business. He is using the same story to his new dates that he used to con the women in his past. This man is a criminal, a con, a scammer. He is not rehabilitated and continues to do the same thing over and over.

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