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John Brigden at Cisco Systems bangs hookers on company dime and time.

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John Bridgen is a SVP at Cisco Systems in San Jose California. Unsavory executive dolts like John Bridgen is why companies is Cisco is failing and short-changing its shareholders like me. John Bridgen is a 78 year old horny freak who is married with two kids yet he routinely hires many of the most expensive young call girls, escorts, hookers, P4P girls, etc. around Silicon Valley. John Bridgen’s wife is either oblivious her hubby’s extramarital indulgences or she is content. What irks me most is that John Bridge has been at Cisco for over 5 years now and he has accomplished absolutely NOTHING! John Bridgen books all these girls at hotel rooms when he goes on business trips and expenses these prostitutes under the guise of business expenses. Cisco shareholders ought to be outraged at Brigden’s naughty ways! Are we paying for a useless executive to bang escorts on company time and on the company tab?!

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