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Joe (Joseph) Kwak (IV), Chicago (Berwyn & Downers Grove), IL USA

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Joe uses every girl for their car, HE HAS NO DRIVER’S LICENCE, it’s been suspended due to a DUI with his ex girlfriend’s SUV in Elmhurst, last July 2016, when it was discovered that he had 2 GIRLFRIENDS, screwing an ex that he was pregnant with his son, a dancer/stripper from Indiana and lord only knows who else. since then he has been busted lying so many times, it’s not even funny. One day he lied and said that he just got a phone call, he said that his 5 month old son was dead, his son was ALIVE and perfectly fine. He’s a sociopath, a manipulator and a highly skilled liar. He tells every girl “I LOVE YOU”, “I’M NOT GOING ANYWHERE”, “I WANT TO MARRY YOU”, then once he’s drained you finacially, he says “I WANT TO TAKE IT SLOW, SO IT WORKS OUT AND WE STAY TOGETHER FOREVER”, that is code for YOU ARE GETTING DUMPED, he’s found another girl, but as soon as she rejects him, he comes crawling back, using his slick lying and the fact that you’ve fallen for him as means to get back with you, just long enough to satisfy his sexual needs, until he finds a “new victim” who unknowingly falls into his trap. He will never grow up, nor will he ever stop lying or cheating.

LADIES, SAVE YOURSELF THE HEARTACHE AND TEARS, he likes to leave little gifts that lasts forever, YES ladies, he’s loaded with STD’s, every single one of his ex’s has Clamidia, Genital Warts, Herpes 2 & 3, and many more, probably 10 pages worth, he knows all about them, but refuses to tell any of his sexual partners that he has it, WHICH IS AGAINST THE LAW IN ILLINOIS, so he’s been spreading life altering diseases around for the last 2 years. He never took the meds to start controlling his outbreaks to prevent the passing of herpes, which is found in your blood, not during your annual pap smear. So far there are 7 women and counting who are infected.

Stay away from Joe Kwak (“lil Kwak”), he hops from Berwyn and Downers Grove.

BTW, there is always drama and he always ends up in Indiana, for crack, he’ll do anything to get there, he’ll even steal your car while you’re sleeping.


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