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Joe Joeseph Lee McCarty BMXVetPro Tulsa, OK

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Joe has been using me for sex for awhile now. I slowly came to this realization, and it was confirmed when I went to the Dr and tested positive for Herpes and HPV. He tole me he’d been tested in the past, but when I told him about my test results, he admitted he hadn’t gone.
I told him he needed to get tested bc he’s always trying to sleep with someone, often people from his church under the guise of wanting a relationship. He told me when we met he wanted to marry me and I should go off myBC so I could have his baby…and he was dead serious. I also have kids and he wasn’t slow to involve them either. Instead of getting tested, he told me to stop talking to him, and started being a total dick when I asked him about some of the stuff he gave me, and a house project he said he’d help me finish. He doesn’t want to get tested bc then he would feel guilty about spreading what he has…as it stands he can say he thought I was just crazy or whatever he tells people about me…I honestly don’t care at this point. He is a greeter, and supposedly a mentor at LifeChurch Midtown in Tulsa, and was recently baptized…right before all this happened. When I tried to talk to him about his beliefs he stopped me cold, and said it wasn’t the right time to talk about it…then he took me to his room and fucked me… this is before I had the full picture of who and what he is.
Just beware…he’s a liar, even and especially to himself… he has STD’s, and he will lie about that as well. Good luck if you meet him, and I’m sorry if you already know him.

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