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Jill Renae Maloy-Cameron (Formally Busler) has cheated on all her previous boyfriends, her last Ex Husband Tom and her current Husband “Lucky” Boyd Cameron in Sheridan, Wyoming USA.

Jill loves cheating with “Black Men”, whenever she travels away for work, sleeping with MANY MEN. She claims to be a Christian, but really she is the “Devil wearing Prada”! She will screw anything with a dick and a heartbeat, but especially BLACK MEN. Her favorite is 3-4 men at once. She has STD’s, spreading diseases to all that she sleeps with. She is a disgusting filthy slut, a whore, the “FILTH OF SHERIDAN WYOMING USA”!
BEWARE OF THIS WOMAN, before she gives you a STD! #jillrenaecameron

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