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Jerry Lee Adams Lawrenceville/Loganville Ga USA

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We met in Dec 2016 . He answered an ad I had placed for handyman that was affordable . He drove almost 60 miles to help out at my home . He is a Master Plumber . Never charging me a dime . We developed a relationship that I felt was honest and wholesome . He had told me he was in a loveless marriage of 40 yrs and had started his divorce and it would be final in November of 2017 , stating it was a hard matter because of his wife wanting lots of money , her cheating and various other things but reassured me he had it all under control and his attorney was handling it . He had told me he was a 3rd Degree Mason , proudly . So with knowing that , I felt he had the utmost integrity and would be a really truthful person about what he had told me . In April , after visiting me each weekend , and many many dates , which included trips all around Ga , his spending thousands of dollars on our dates , as well as gifts , even a parcel of land near Lake Hartwell He asked me to marry him , move to his farm house and live happily ever after . I did , and it was so good , his friends were wonderful , the pampering me went on for about 6 weeks , then ended abruptly . I found out he owed 270,000.00 in IRS taxes , but the worst of all , was his wife , yes his wife , lived 3 miles away and there was never any divorce started . He became abusive , he began to drink , and do prescription drugs he got from people he knew including his family , narcotics , sleeping pills , anti anxiety meds Zanax , muscle relaxers etc etc …I got sick and had to have a surgery on May 31 and he took care of me while I was down , by letting me not work around the house and such … I had started working with him as a helper on small jobs and on some bigger jobs , he would pay me well in the beginning . But as time drew to an end for us , he wouldn’t pay me . I was looking for my own work by now but with my surgery just over it was hard . I refused to go to work for him anymore because the money he was making now was going to his wife , well he got mad at me for not helping and when I would help he would be viciously mean to me , cussing , throwing things and jerking things from my hands while on job sites . In peoples homes . Well I got a cash offer on the property he gave to me , we both had not said anything about that gift for months , well his eyes lit up , he said .. I CAN PAY MY HOUSE OFF WITH THAT AND GIVE MY WIFE MONEY TO PAY BILLS OFF . I was devastated over his saying that … I said no , I was investing it in a home as agreed upon in the beginning . He was cut , he began abusing me verbally , accusing me of all kinds of crazy stuff ….and I told him I was leaving …he told me I could stay as long as I wanted and I explained I was not going to live with a man who lied from day one to me . I packed some things to carry to storage and asked him for my money , 1000.00 he owed me , he said he would pay me in 4 days time , I knew he was lying . I loaded my van and went off to storage and later that afternoon he has his daughter send me a text message telling me to vacate her daddys house . His children would never meet me , they didn’t approve and now I full well know why …. he left me homeless , without a penny to my name and at the mercy of friends for a place to live … I had already left a good job and my own home to come here , and love a liar and cheat …. He is the most disgusting man I have ever dated , he is lazy , so lazy , that he pisses in a jug by the bedside while laying on his side because he won’t get up and go to the bathroom , and most mornings forgets to empty it , and when he gets off work , he sits in clothes that have human feces covered over on his skin for hours , refusing to bath ….there are so many gross stories to tell about this so called upstanding Mason , its insane !! He was at times suicidal and played the ” Imma kill myself coz no one loves me ” card . I hid guns so he wouldn’t hurt either of us .

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  1. It’s been a week since moving out of his house . I sent a text , nicely asking if he would bring me my Fridge , washer , dryer and air conditioner . Due to my surgery I couldn’t lift those things into a truck alone and had no help . I also asked him for the money he owed me . He said he would bring it Saturday to my Church . Yet another lie , I waited and he never showed up . I don’t understand how someone can consistantly lie daily and sleep at night . Let alone live with themselves . I won’t ask again for my things , he clearly has no intention to let me have them back .

  2. I texted and called Jerry today about my appliances , AC , and money owed me and he would not answer either . I have called his Masonic lodge to file a complaint about him , spoke with a Mr Denney , he took all my information and said he would be investigating for himself the allegations . Jerry is a 3rd Degree mason , one of their major rules is refraining from Adultery , lying and any immoral conduct . Jerry Lee Adams has broken so many laws within the Masonic laws it’s unbelievable . He should be banned and brought up on charges within his community of Brothers . I doubt that he will but at least they now know his integrity . I spoke with several of his masonic Brothers and they know what he has done , the lies he has told .

  3. Today I went to my storage building that Jerry had given me the money to rent 4 months ago when he moved me in . A storage building that he practically filled by himself of my things while I worked . My neighbors saw this . Even commented on it , and when we moved the last load , they thanked him for helping me and for taking care of me . He told them he loved me and would do anything for me . Anyways , I went to take his name off the paperwork . I couldn’t without his permission so they called him , he said yes take my name off . Then he told them he was having me arrested for stealing 3500.00 worth of his belongings when I moved out and they should put a lock on my rental immediately . They had him on speaker phone so I could hear what he was saying . So he hung up , they took his name off , I signed new papers and within 5 mins he was calling back and told them to put his name back on the paperwork , his attorney advised him to get back on there so he could have access . The rental manager told him he couldn’t , so Jerry hung up on him .

    Jerry is a craigslist curb alert junkie , he loves the free section too , and he loves pilfering in houses he has no business in , just like a sister in law passed recently , when all was done and over , he and his brother went pilfering , he brought home junk , old dirty junk , antiques too , that he proudly displays on the front porch of his farmhouse . A 1953 house that sits in the middle of homes that are well over 100,000.00 . I called it the museum , not a farmhouse , because everything he has in there is old , dirty , rusty or a replica of something old , dirty and rusty . I was not allowed to bring my things there , only my basic needs were allowed .

    He doesn’t have 3500.00 worth of things in that house , he can’t even come close , even with my washer , dryer , fridge and ac he refuses to return .

    The lock has been changed , the code has been changed and only my name is on there , and because of his attitude when on the phone with the manager , they assured me if he came on the property he would be arrested for trespassing .

    I called the Gwinnet Sheriff’s office , there has been no complaint against me yet .

  4. Last night his daughter sent me an email telling me that I must have mistakenly taken a list of things that she proceeded to list out things like shoes that I bought and paid for washer hoses that were mine a gun that he gave to me in February a box fan iPhone charger a waffle maker that’s about 50 years old and a few other things listed that were ridiculous she gave me an ultimatum of having them brought back to her by Friday of this week not her father she stated that I had to deal with her I sent an email back to her stating that this was between he and I are not her and I and that he was a coward hiding behind the skirts of a of his child

    After I told her about a few more things that had happened and that those things that he was accusing me of where things that he gave me he then sent me another email telling me that he was not bluffing that if I did not have his things to him by midnight August 1st that he was filing a police report and I would be arrested on felony charges

    I told him to file his replace report that the burden of proof was in his hands

    I went straight to my Police Department this morning at 7 a.m. before work and explain to them the situation and they advised me to return the 9mm pistol that he had given me in February but to take it to the Loganville Police Department and allow them to return the gun and then he would have to take me to civil court for everything else should he prove that I stole from his home so that is what I plan on doing first thing in the morning is to take that gun over to the police department and have them return it that way there is documentation that it was returned

    And everything else that he’s accusing me of stealing it’s going to have to go to a civil court because I can’t return something I don’t have

  5. He is bat **** crazy , I got another email tonight stating if I didn’t bring his things to him , he was going first thing in the morning to file a police report and have me arrested . I sent a message back telling him and his daughter to not contact me again and if they do I will file harassment on them both .

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