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Jermaine Sevowicz Los Angeles, California

First Name : Jermaine
Last Name : Sevowicz
Gender : M
Age : 34
City : Los Angeles
State : CA
Country : US
Alias 1 : Jay Phoenix
Alias 2 : Jay

He looks for women online dating sites that have a good job. He tells them he’s in love and wants to move in with them. He moves between California, Texas, Louisiana, and Miami Florida (his “hometown”) he will leave on woman for the next when he can’t control her bank account or her! He becomes very violent when be doesn’t get his way. He’s currently on probation for Domestic violence out of Long Beach CA. Do not trust him, he has multiple phones, emails, and women. His baby momma#3 is his biggest cheerleader whom has his back regardless of his lies and cheating, even on her! Stay away from him. He’s nothing but a narcissistic liar!

One thought on “Jermaine Sevowicz Los Angeles, California

  1. He is crazy!! He even has a ring that he bought that he apparently shows all the women he asks to marry him!! He has a Dodge charger that an ex bought for him and he doesn’t pay a penny for it! He threatens her too!! He doesn’t pay bills! So letting him stay with you, he won’t work or contribute financially! He play on dating sites and FB all day while you’re working, to provide food for him. POS of the year!!

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