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Jeremy Thomas New_Portland Oregon United States of America

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Thomas T New, Thomas Thomas,Thomas Saint,
Saint Thomas,Thomas Kincade,Tommy,
James, Saint James,
James Saint, Wolfgang

Most recently Thomas Saint or Thomas New. I believe he no longer uses Thomas Saint or Thomas at all. He has a new one. Everytime he changes lives, he changes names. Same thing for hair color and hair style. He also lies about his birth date and year.

He is a pathological liar who believes his own lies.
He always presents himself as the victim, though he never uses the word victim.. he will lie to gain your sympathy and to gain your trust. Jeremy has chronic low self-esteem. He lies to make himself look more important than he really is. He will blame and criticize you. And so therefore your relationship problems are your fault, not his.

He expects you to be grateful when he shows up 20 minutes once a week and treats you like a needy stalker. His intent is to make the relationship fail and not make it look like his fault.

So he can blame you. He did it to me. Jeremy told everyone that I cheated on him and he was just so heartbroken, that he just couldn’t get over it, that he loved me so much. It was a lie, total bullshit. I never even looked at another dude.

While he had friends with benefits or full-on relationships almost the entire time. He showed up 20 minutes, every 10 days to scream and yell at me, call me a whore, and leave for another ten days. That went on for 7 months.

He tells the new girl the exact same story about his ex’s they’re crazy so he has to stay at their place to hide out from her and make sure no one knows about it because if she finds out they’ll be hell to pay. His ex-wife, the woman before me, could have gave shit less where he went. He also will never allow you to put his picture on social media until he’s absolutely positive it’s over with his last ex.

Jeremy’s M.O. is before he permanently leaves his current girlfriend, he has to have the next one securely in place. But before that happens he dates several women until he makes his selection of the true actual next victim. He will use every flaw and insecurity you’ve ever had in your entire life against you. He only preys on vulnerable women.

Many times they come from families that have money or he thinks they do. Your mother will love him because that’s what he does, he flirts with women and pals up with the guys

Even if you’re with each other every day he’ll disappear for hours or days. He says he’s at his mom’s, at the gym or with his son or he had to work later or go into work, it’s always lies. When I thought he was in the gym for 2 or 3 hours he was actually talking to other women on the phone for 2 or 3 hours.

I talked to three of his ex’s and we all literally had the exact same story and I never told any of them each other story or my own, none of us knew each other. He comes in he’s very supportive, promises to be there, support you whatever you need blah blah blah there’s a future promises, future marriage, whatever. Oh but when it’s time for him to show up for anything, he’s nowhere to be found.

I was supposed to get an anti stalking order against my ex- neighbor and Jeremy couldn’t even send me one single text to say it’s going to be okay. He did not bother to answer his phone or reply to a text till after he knew for sure it was supposed to be over. Dirt bag.

By the way I didn’t go get it that day and less than a week later my foot ended up broken because of my neighbor.
Guess who didn’t bother to show up then either.

I could literally do this for 5 or 6 more hours I’ve known him for 4 years. But you get the point. Don’t him let him where near your friends or your family. I suggest dating him if you don’t think your self-esteem is low enough already.

Otherwise warn all your friends, hell warn the whole damn town.

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