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Jennifer’s Stockman San Antonio , Texas

First Name : Jennifer’s
Last Name : Stockman
Gender : F
Age : 36
City : San Antonio
State : TX
Country : US

Complete sociopath will mirror her partner tell you you’re the one soulmate play victim instill narcissistic behavior and disappear having the target believe they lost a sweet girl who really never existed she has been married multiple times and only a few people know who she really is a w***e hiding behind a fake character good luck to those who buy in to her bs and torture yourself nothing will ever make sense in the end. Except one thing was just another self less who’re who rides coattails of others to gain supply.

2 thoughts on “Jennifer’s Stockman San Antonio , Texas

  1. Gets off abusing children I knew a guy who dated her we all warned him he wouldn’t listen sad because he was probably best guy she will meet tried to get my husband to convince him of the truth but unfortunately he continued dating this sick b***h.

  2. I worked with her at Texas Med Clinic she is a terrible person I heard she set up her kids Dad which is why he is disabled today. No surprise she sleeps with everyone so nasty

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