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Jenna Eisenberg Snow, Portland, Oregon

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This woman Came into my husband’s restaurant gave him or phone number knowing he was married with a small child. I’m not going to say that he is not at fault for taking her phone number and using it but I will say any woman that knows that a man is married and still tries to sleep with him and takes pictures of them kissing and post them on public media for our friends and family to see is completely disrespectful. It would be one thing to shame my husband but She not only posted to Facebook but told him that no one says no to her and will be sorry. I hate her for making my husband’s actions public and not taking my son,me,friends and family to heart and how it would forever change my child’s life by growing up in a broken home and it being out there for the world to see. Watch out ladies she can care less of a man’s married she will date them and when they try to leave her she will ruin their lives and post anything she has to a public site to make sure his friends and family will see everything to make herself feel better. I feel sorry for women like her and anyone who will loose their family due to their husbands and her actions.

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