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Jenna Burns, United States, USA

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There are a few things that one should know about Jenna Burns:

Firstly, Jenna Burns is a wicked and a devious racist and a sick-minded bigot whose prejudicial racism or racist wickedness is against African-American men or Black men in particular.

Secondly the racist wickedness of Jenna Burns is expressly and especially against the skin color of these African-American males or Black men which she despises greatly and intensely.

Finally, her racist wickedness which is skin color based has hindered her from considering these African-American men or Black men as those who can be considered as serious relationship material because of her great racist abhorrence or racist disdain for these Black or African-American men especially their skin color.

Therefore based upon such the ill-minded Jenna Burns must be exposed, condemned, and castigated for her devious-minded racist manner as a whole.

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