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Jeilnnifer Bramwell Clovis, California

First Name : Jeilnnifer
Last Name : Bramwell
Gender : F
Age : 35
City : Clovis
State : CA
Country : US
Phone : (559)250-0245
Alias 1 : Jen
Alias 2 : Ms. Bramwell

Jen is a very nice person. When she gets off her meds she can act up. We had a long distance relationship for a little bit about 2 months. Jen can’t seem to understand that some people are just not attracted to her. She is emotionally immature. She has a group of friends that will slander your name if you hurt her. She will claim she is 4 weeks pregnant after 2 weeks of having sex. If you can handle her, then you deserve a award for dealing with the mood wheel from hell.
After I advised Jen it was over she blew my phone up and had some of her friends harrass me.
Be careful.

One thought on “Jeilnnifer Bramwell Clovis, California

  1. I can verify this information. Jennifer is crazy. She needs some serious help. We talked for a little over 2 weeks and she already made plans to get married. I’m glad I saw this and asked her about it. She claimed that none of this was true and it was all false. She is emotionally troubled and she be heavily medicated. After I told her I wanted to end things she freaked out and started having her friends harrass me. I finally had to call the cops. Her one friend claims to be a federal agent in good standing. Hopefully he loses his job after what he said to me.
    Be very careful with her. She needs a lot of help and doesn’t seem to grasp the fact that things need to go slow to get to know someone

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