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Jeffrey Van Pelt Churubusco , Indiana

First Name : Jeffrey
Last Name : Van Pelt
Gender : M
Age : 49
City : Churubusco
State : IN
Country : US
Alias 1 : Jeff

He is a narcissist and compulsive liar. He jumps from relationship to relationship because he can’t be alone or make it on his own. He will constantly work at covering his tracks so you never find out who he truly is or what he has actually done. I lived it for years and finally had enough. He steals, but accuses you, he cheats but accuses you, he is not trustworthy and will never trust anyone because of it! He manipulates, verbally and emotionally abused women and children. He bully’s kids. Spreads horrific lies and lays and waits. He owes thousands in back child support and has 7 kids and speaks to maybe 3 of them and wants nothing to do with the rest. He kills animals I’ve seen it! Lies Lies and more lies! But all his ex’s are crazy not him! Disgusting individual! He will use women for money, a place to live and pay bills because like I said he can’t do anything alone!

3 thoughts on “Jeffrey Van Pelt Churubusco , Indiana

  1. This man told me he was an engineer with a bachelors degree, that he was an Army Ranger and scout, that he was able to support himself. None of that is true. He needs someone with good credit to get the lease or buy the vehicle. He lies like he breathes. He is mentally abusive and contolling. Has been arrested many times for many things. Just a disgusting human being.

  2. This man told me he was and engineer with a bachelors degree and an Army Ranger scout. Both are lies and he was dishonorably discharged for going awol and serving time in military jail. He can not support himself and needs to credit to get the lease or vehichles. He is abusive. He like he breathes.

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