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Jeffrey S Beckerman Short Hills, , New Jersey

First Name : Jeffrey S
Last Name : Beckerman
Gender : M
Age : 61
City : Short Hills,
State : NJ
Country : US
Website 1 : click to view website

Jeffrey is an unethical ambulance chaser who has sexually molested at least 1 young girl. He is a sexual pervert and is enabled by his wife Wendy Beckerman. Wendy has always wanted to live in Short Hills NJ so she overlooks Jeff’s perverted past and she even overlooks when he used to get into bed at night with their teenage daughter. Wendy will not let a little thing like being married to a sexual pervert to ruin her Short Hills lifestyle. As an ambulance chaser, Jeff has been censured several times for unethical behavior. He is a coward, and horrifically insecure, which is why he likes young girls, because they are too young to realize that he is incredibly immature. Jeff has never made a decision for himself and instead relied on his daddy to tell him what to do, everything from getting a nose job, to choosing the career Jeff would have. Luckily Jeff went into the family business because otherwise, he would be unemployed as nobody else would hire him. He is nothing but a dirty old man who likes young girls. He even married a “woman” who was half his size to mimic the pre pubescent girls he prefers. Jeff is a sexual pervert, a coward, insecure, nasty and a very dirty old man

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