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Jeff Booth Stamford, Connecticut

First Name : Jeff
Last Name : Booth
Gender : M
Age : 57
City : Stamford
State : CT
Country : US
Email :
Alias 1 : NoPenisOnMe
Alias 2 : NeedDickInAssNow
Alias 3 : PleaseAssRapeMeASAPInStamford

This asinine loser of 64 Lombard in Stamford has no self respect posing as a sissy on Grindr asking African men to rape his tender a*****e with giant baton and then pepper spray his a*****e to rub it in. He likes it rough making up for the lack of a p***s with sissylove begging and pleading with Latinos and little Phillipinos to C**p all over his face and lips so he can eat it.

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