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Jason McCutcheon, Fort Wayne, Indiana

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Cheats on his wife of 11 years. Got caught with a girl living with him in his hotel room while working out of town. Hes a pro at lying. Who knows how many other times that its happened throughout the years. What a dirt bag! Been caught cheating several times throughout the years. Not trustworthy at all.


One thought on “Jason McCutcheon, Fort Wayne, Indiana

  1. Wow Im really not surprised my wife whom was a shitty wife of 11 years would let her friends post this about me. Im not pround of cheating on her nor do I think it was ok to do so. But my wife didnt show me enough love when I needed it instead of kissing me when i would try to kiss her, she would scrunch her face up and say ew u smell like smoke or your gum stinks. When I would be gone for a week at a time or more, I would want nothing more than a warm greating and a hug but instead shewould just sit there and act like she didnt even care I was home. How are u gonna keep a man if u dont at least attempt to show him affection? You can’t! Your man needed love someone that wanted him. Someone that respected him! You couldnt even find enough time in your not so busy schedule to do his laundry to keep his house clean. Women of the world if u find a man that wants to spend the rest of his life with u and treats u good, dont do what Melanie did ( very little ). Cause I guarantee you there is someone out there that would love to show a good man what it feels like to be wanted.

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