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Jason Erick Johnson Louisville, Ky 40216

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Jason Johnson is a cold unemotional uncaring unable to truly love anyone. He is the most full of crap person every word that he speaks is a lie.. He is a backpage, craigslist escort no moral calling cheating man. He is a user the only reason he keeps anyone around is to gain something from them. He does not care the caliber of women he sleeps with from the first day he meets them. He will take you for all you have then slam you out of the door to the house his mother really owns. Before you even know whats going on this man will have taken your soul love peace heart joy faith loyalty and faithfulness that you carry with pride and will have you to the point of not even being able to look at yourself in the mirror. .. PLEASE IF YOUR SMART YOU WILL STAY FAR AWAY FROM THIS DEVIL OF A MAN .. HE IS A HORRIBLE PERSON THIS WILL ONLY END UP A ONE SIDED RELATIONSHIP. . NO MATTER WHAT HE WILL LEAVE YOU ALONE DAY AND NIGHT AS HE GOES OUT LOOKING FOR HIS NEXT VICTIM ONCE YOU ARE USED UP AND LOWER THEN YOUR LIFE HAS EVER BEEN AND MOVE YOU OUT AS THE NEXT IS MOVING IN… HES NASTY NASTY NASTY STRIPPERS ARE NOT OFF BOUNDARIES FOR HIM HE DOES THEM ALL.. AND THE HELL IS SO NOT WORTH IT FOR A MINUTE

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