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Jason donald dorst ft Pierce FL U.S.A.

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jason is a smooth talking salesman who has 3 kids. He will tell you he has never cheated on anyone and he was always cheated on. He will also tell you his facebook is used for work purposes so he cant have a relationship status showing or be tagged in any pictures or statuses on there showing you are together. He likes to take advantage of single moms and use them for a free place to live telling you he will help with the bills to make things easier for you unfortunately this is untrue. Not only will he not help you pay it but he will steal it or ask to borrow it and say he will pay it back and then something will come up and he cant pay it back like he said he would but when you get the money however you manage to get it (he will bd thr one who pays all the bills) he will expect you to do all of his cleaning for him all of his laundry snd not just washed and dried but folded hung and ironed and you will also be expected to do all of his kids laundry because he will not make his children do their own however both of his daughters will do theirs if you ask them but never his son and that also goes for cleaning up the kids messes the girls will clean but do not even attempt to make his boy lift one finger to do anything because its not his job his son is to have absolutely no responsibility and he never will. He also makes sure his son gets everything he wants but leaves his girls out he treats them way different and unfair snd yes his daughters notice and think its unfair and if you have kids im sorry but they will not matter to him and dont expect to ever left your kids have friends over without a night of whining from him. All he does is lay in bedand watch tv and eat make a mess and you are to clean up after him ohh yea and you can have no friends either because ic you do whether yhey are male or female you will bd cheating on him with them also expect no privacy anywhere because he will go through evefy last thing looking for anything to accuse you of cheatinh even if its from 5 years before you date. That makes you a slur and a whore. Any conversation you are having via text messages expect him to either read over your shoulder or go into your phone and read them while you are sleeping or just away from your phone. But dont ever ask to look in his phone because he has never given you a reason to not trust him. Jason is very sexist females no nothing at all to him and you will always be wrong no matter what but he knows everything about everything and he is never wrong. What he said yo me is women are dumb they are his toys and here for his amusement that it is all just a game to him to see how many girls he can take advantage of at one time. He will then accuse you of cheating on him even though he is the one cheating with multiple other women and even paying some women to sleep with him because they would not want to if he did not pay them but usually he pays them eith drugs like perks or oxys. Ohh and ladies i hope you either have a script for them or that you have thousands of dollars to buy him an unlimited number of pills and he will take 3 or 4 of the 30mg oxys crush them ul snort them all at once and within an hour hw will be ready to do more. Not keep in mind each of these pills costs between $30 and $45 also anything you have worth money dont expect to have it very long because he is going to sell it to get more pills. He will talk to you in a manner that shows he has absolutely no respect for you or your feelings he we ill degrate all females by calling you almost every bad term used towards a female such as Cunt whore slut bitch trash. Because that is how you should talk your girlfriend. He will have multi women that he is going to have sex with at which time he will come and accuse you cheating. Now after so long of doing this he will get bored with it and decide to break up even though this will be the best news ever after everything he will be getting ready for his next victim.unfortunately ladies as he is doing this you will be the biggest slut and whore and cunt and bitch there is and then it will get violent and when you call the cops he will flip it around around and say you were the aggressor and he will trh to fflip the charges around on you as he has done to many of his exes. So all in all ladies if you are willing to spend every last bit of your money on drugs for him enjoy being beaten and talked down to.bgood luck ladies. Please dont be navigable

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