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Jason churchill

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His name is Jason Michael Churchill, he will be 32 this month. I met him and he quickly charmed me, we went on a few dates, but it did not take me long to realize something wasn’t right. He told me many outlandish stories- to include war stories of his time in the navy (I was in the Army, so I knew quickly some of the things he told me made no sense), he told me stories of people stealing his identity, stories of abuse suffered by his parents, and many other crazy things. Within the short two weeks I knew him, he changed his phone number twice- claiming there was an issue with at&t because of his previous trouble with his identity being stolen.
The truth of the matter- is HE is the predator. He meets women, plays on their emotions, rips them off and runs, going from state to state. His criminal records are public- feel free to verify what I am telling; he is a multiple felon with charges in states to include Texas, Colorado, North Carolina, Tennessee among others.
While he was busy charming me and taking me out to fancy dinners, he was in fact taking money from the girl who he was living with and mooching off of. The girl who thought she was his girlfriend. The girl who he told his parents were dead.
His parents are not dead, they are alive and well. His parents have written him off, and he has broken their hearts. They attempted to help him after he served time in prison years ago for stealing peoples identities. They were fooled countless times by this man, each time they thought he was getting his life together. Their last straw was when he moved to another state, ripped off the woman he was with at that time and ruined her life and credit. He has done this time and time again, and will continue to do this. He will pray on young girls and foolish women, who will believe his crazy stories and pity him. He needs help, and I do not believe he is capable of empathy, and is a known pathological liar and theif. The minute I figured out who he was- he immediately disappeared and changed his phone number again. I do not imagine he will stay in Texas much longer, but ladies please heed my warning.

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