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Janice Threet, Tacoma, Washington

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We grew up together and our families are very close. We were just friends when we were younger but one night we kissed and everything changed after that. It was he best relationship I have ever had because she already knew everything about me and I felt so comfortable around her. Too comfortable. I trusted her so much that she was stabbing me in the back my secretly dating a guy that she knew I hated and he hated me. I had no idea because I never spoke to that guy or any of his friends and she knew it so she could get away with it no problem. Cheating on me is bad enough but with my worst enemy hurt even more and thats not even the most terrible part. I saw the guy that I hated out at the movies and his friends started giving me crap telling me that my girlfriend liked Steven better. I laughed at them and said Janice would never touch Steven and they all started laughing at me and saying yeah thats why she is with him behind your back.I could tell it was the truth by the way Steven was smiling at me.I broke up with her that night and didnt speak to her for months and as time went by more and more people that I told we broke up would always say yeah man I thought she was cheating on you but I didnt want to be the one to say. Most humiliating time in my life

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